Concrete Pressed piers

At Cardinal Foundation Repair, we believe in providing the best possible service to all our customers, whether you’re a homeowner or a seasoned contractor. We’re here to elevate the stability and longevity of your property with our specialized Concrete Pressed Piers services.


As the gold standard for leveling declined foundation slabs, the concrete pressed pier is an unbeatable product that offers both safety and stability at an incredible value.

Our goal is to make the process as straightforward and worry-free as possible. We believe in being fast, friendly, honest, and reliable. We’ll support and guide you throughout the entire process, taking the time to educate each customer about what we’re doing for their foundation repair.

Reliable and innovative techniques.

Top-quality materials to reinforce your building's foundation.

Personalized service to meet every client’s unique needs.

Ready to transform your foundation's strength and secure peace of mind for years to come? Give us a call or request a quote today!


We provide an extensive range of foundation solutions specifically crafted for your residential property, ensuring its strength, stability, and long-term durability. By choosing us to address your foundational challenges, you not only uphold your home’s value but also guarantee a secure and harmonious environment for your family.


We offer a comprehensive array of foundation services tailored for your commercial property, ensuring its robustness, stability, and enduring integrity. By entrusting us with your foundational needs, you not only safeguard your property’s value but also guarantee a safe and steadfast environment for all its occupants.

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