Helical Pier Installation & Foundation Repair in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

At Cardinal Foundation Repair, we are committed to offering robust solutions that appeal to both homeowners and industry contractors. Our Helical Pier services are a revolution in foundation repair, providing a reliable solution to stabilize your property’s base, especially during moisture-intensive seasons when clay soils swell and exert upward pressure on your foundation.

Helical Piers: Precision, Stability, and Durability in Foundation Repair

Helical piers are essentially screwed into the soil, locking into place any structure that is adhered. This prevents ‘heave’ issues – a common problem in areas with heavy, moisture-rich soils.

Our team is highly trained in the precise process of helical pier installation, ensuring an effective, long-term solution for your foundation concerns.

Precision Installation:
Our skilled team ensures every helical pier is installed to the right specification per soil type and geographic region.

Enhanced Stability:
Helical piers offer superior resilience and load-bearing capacity.

Seasonal Defense:
These piers resist upward soil movement during moisture-rich seasons.

Tailored Solutions:
We address your unique foundation concerns effectively.

Long-term Assurance:
Enjoy peace of mind about your property's stability for years to come.

Ready for a revolutionary, durable solution for your property's foundation? Contact Cardinal Foundation Repair or request a quote for our Helical Piers today!


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