Pier and beam
foundation repair

At Cardinal Foundation Repair, we specialize in both traditional and complex foundation systems, offering comprehensive Pier and Beam/Crawlspace Foundation Repair services. Our method, catered to homeowners and industry contractors alike, addresses your unique foundation needs effectively.

Specialized Service for Your Unique Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Our expert team uses superior materials and innovative techniques to ensure your property stands securely for years to come. We conduct a thorough inspection, including an interior elevation survey and visual crawl underneath to check for warped/twisted beams, wood rot, misaligned piers/sonotubes, and standing water.

 Our repair process is targeted and precise, allowing us to replace defected wood members and reset/re-shim the sunken or affected areas of your foundation to restore elevation.

We excel in Pier and Beam/Crawlspace Foundation Repair.

Comprehensive Inspection:
Our interior elevation survey and visual crawl identify all issues.

Precision Repair:
Targeted replacement and re-shimming for effective results.

Superior Materials:
We use the best materials for long-lasting repair solutions.

Outstanding Customer Service:
Enjoy seamless communication throughout the repair process.

Protect Your Investment:
Trust us to enhance the lifespan of your property.

For effective, reliable solutions to your foundation challenges, contact Cardinal Foundation Repair or request a quote for our Pier and Beam Foundation Repair today!


We provide an extensive range of foundation solutions specifically crafted for your residential property, ensuring its strength, stability, and long-term durability. By choosing us to address your foundational challenges, you not only uphold your home’s value but also guarantee a secure and harmonious environment for your family.


We offer a comprehensive array of foundation services tailored for your commercial property, ensuring its robustness, stability, and enduring integrity. By entrusting us with your foundational needs, you not only safeguard your property’s value but also guarantee a safe and steadfast environment for all its occupants.

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