At Cardinal Foundation Repair, we’re dedicated to providing resilient and durable solutions that cater to both homeowners and industry contractors. Our Steel Piers services offer you the opportunity to maximize the stability and longevity of your property. As a premium option, our steel piers are crafted from high-grade materials, ensuring extraordinary strength and reliability for your foundation.


Our steel piers don’t just support your structure; they’re stacked, capped, and interlocked on both ends for increased pressure tolerance, both axially and laterally.

¬†Once we reach the refusal point or bedrock at significant depths, the piers are leveled and shimmed. With our lifetime ownership-transferrable warranty, we’re confident in the durability and longevity of our steel piers.

Lifetime warranty:
We guarantee the durability of our steel piers for the life of the property.

Exceptional stability:
Designed to enhance structural integrity and longevity.

Maximum depth:
Our piers reach significant depths for optimal foundation performance.

High-grade materials:
Our steel piers are interlocked and grout-filled for increased pressure tolerance.

Professional installation:
Ensuring every pier is installed to perfection.

Tailored solutions:
We cater to every unique foundation repair need.

Unbeatable strength:
High-quality steel piers for superior foundation repair.

Looking for a premium, long-lasting solution for your property's foundation? Contact Cardinal Foundation Repair or request a quote for our Steel Piers today!


We provide an extensive range of foundation solutions specifically crafted for your residential property, ensuring its strength, stability, and long-term durability. By choosing us to address your foundational challenges, you not only uphold your home’s value but also guarantee a secure and harmonious environment for your family.


We offer a comprehensive array of foundation services tailored for your commercial property, ensuring its robustness, stability, and enduring integrity. By entrusting us with your foundational needs, you not only safeguard your property’s value but also guarantee a safe and steadfast environment for all its occupants.

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